Long Distance and Endurance Cycling

Venetian Nights – 28th Sept. 2019

210km cycling event starting from Gunco Lane, Macclesfield. Controls at Bunbury, The Roaches and Matlock, plus 3 information controls. A new organiser for 2019 but the original character of the ride will be preserved, with the possibility of a new ‘Van of Delights’, John’s original notes are below.

A flat and fast 100k over Cheshire then a lumpy 100 over the Peak. Firstly, for a brisk warm up, westwards across the plain to the turn at Bunbury, then , to warm you up some more, eastwards over the plain and then, south of Congleton, /UP\ and over the White Peak to the Derwent Valley at Matlock. Next, for relaxation, southwards following the river to Matlock Bath where you find The Autumn Illuminations and Venetian Nights in progress. Tarry a while? Then, a night ride ( probably) along 12 miles of the High Peak Trail, no traffic, no lighting, no quiet villages, in fact not much of anything, just you and the starry starry night (if you’re lucky) and, of course, no hills –the trail, an old railway, takes you almost right across The Peak on the flat. Finally over Axe Edge and the 7 mile descent of The Cat and Fiddle to land on a carpet of stars in that other great City Of Light – Macclesfield!!

210km In 14h42m
Saturday 28th September 2019
08:00 to finish by 22:42
Starting From:
Gunco Lane , Macclesfield
Shaun Hargreaves
14.3 – 25kph
Total Climbing