Long Distance and Endurance Cycling


Welcome to the website of Four Corners Audax.

Four Corners Audax came into existence through the mutual interest and friendships of a group of likeminded cyclists from across the UK.  The initial formation of Four Corners Audax was by, Lee Killestein, Paul Renshaw and James Shaw but a number of others were immediately invited as founder members.

The cycling interests of the members are as diverse as the sport and pastime of cycling itself.  But the heart of FCA is based on long distance and endurance cycling, not least riding the events promoted under the regulations of Audax UK.

Whilst much of our cycling is in the UK, several members have cycled in numerous countries.  As well as touring trips, taking in the scenic delights around the globe, members have participated in organised cycling events.  Many of these events will follow a similar format to those in the Audax UK calendar.

FCA  members also promote events under the regulations of Auk.  Details of these events can be found on our Events Page

Membership of FCA is currently by invitation.