Long Distance and Endurance Cycling


What is Audax?

Audax is derived from the Latin word for ‘Bold’.  It is said that Audax was first used in the context of endurance sport towards the end of the 19th century.

Although Audax events should be completed within the span of a minimum and maximum time limit, they are not races and not competitive.

The first recorded event was held in 1897  participants were required to walk, run, swim or cycle a specific distance.  The maximum time allowed was to be roughly between the hours of sunrise and sunset, this was set at 14 hours.  The cyclists were to cover a distance of 200km  This is still a popular distance to this day, not least for the events promoted by Audax United Kingdom.

Audax United Kingdom (known as Audax UK or AUK) is the leading long-distance cycling association in the UK.  Established in 1976  AUK oversees the promotion of long-distance cycling events.  The events use a system of timed checkpoints, AUK validates and records every successful ride.

For much more detail and answers to questions about Audax events, the AUK FAQ is a great resource.

Audax Permanents & DIY

Whilst the back bone of Audax riding is very much around riding calendar events, the option of riding ‘permanent’ events is growing in popularity.

Permanents are events registered with Audax UK which can, in most cases, be ridden at the time chosen by the rider/s.  They are intended as events for the more experienced rider.  Whilst riders often complete permanent events alone, they can also be enjoyed with friends; riding as a small group.  More details about permanent events and how to enter can be found on the AUK website.

The option of DIY Perms was developed to further provide AUK members with the opportunity to ride an event, at times when no calendar event is available.  More details of how to take part on DIY perms can be found on the AUK Website