Long Distance and Endurance Cycling

Bunbury 110km – 28th Sept. 2019

110km / 68 miles cycling event starting from Gunco Lane, Macclesfield. Controls at Bunbury, plus 1 information control.
A new event for 2019, a flat ride around Cheshire following the first half of the Venetian Nights route, but without the hills!

This is a new event for 2019, a flat ride around Cheshire following the first half of the Venetian Nights route, but without the hills! Ideal for a first time audax or more leisurely riders.

The ride starts in Gunco Lane Macclesfield; a light breakfast will be provided before the start, usually cereal and toast etc. A 9:00am start from Macclesfield going through Gawsworth, Siddington and Withington Green, before passing the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, a giant 76 metre radio telescope. When built in 1957, the Lovell Telescope was the largest in the World, it is still the 3rd largest today! After Jodrell Bank you pass through Goostrey and Middlewich, around Winsford, and through the Tilstone Fearnall lanes to the control at Bunbury.

Bunbury is a lovely old Cheshire village, listed as Boleberie in the Domesday Survey of 1086, you will pass a 14th century Church as you enter the village. Bunbury has 3 pubs, Coop, Cafe and a Fish & Chip shop. Bunbury is the halfway point of the ride and is a “free control”*, it is a good opportunity to refuel for the return leg. You should get a receipt or stamp here from one of the shops.

The following section is quite flat as you head back eastwards through Alpraham, Church Minshull and on to an “info control”** at Elton. Continue through Winterley, Hassall and Smallwood, before skirting around Congleton, from here you can see the Peak District hills in the distance, spare a thought for the Venetian Nights riders who will be in the process of passing over them!! You will climb a few small hills yourselves, nothing major, before finally passing through Gawsworth to return to a Four Corners welcome in Macclesfield; food will be provided at the finish. The route is mainly on quiet Cheshire country lanes and B roads, there are however some short sections of A roads, but only to connect you to the next quiet section.

First time on an audax? Can you currently cycle 30 miles? It’s just over 30 miles to Bunbury, have a rest and some food, once you’re refuelled, you’ll be surprised how easy another 30 miles can be. An audax is not a race, although there is a time limit, however you will have over 9 hours to complete the whole ride. So plenty of time to rest, eat and enjoy the scenery. A detailed route sheet (GPX track for Garmin users) are provided for navigation, any questions just send us an email.

* Free Control: If you are new to audax then a control is a place you have to prove you have been to, this can be in the form of a till receipt from a shop or cash point, or an ink stamp from a Cafe or Post Office. If getting a receipt make sure it has the date and time on it!
** Info Control: Same as above but usually in an area with no shops, so you will need to answer a question from the provided Brevet card, normally quite obvious when you are.

110km In 9h10m
Saturday 28th September 2019
09:00 to finish by 18:10
Starting From:
Gunco Lane , Macclesfield
Shaun Hargreaves
12 – 25kph
Total Climbing